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A centrifuge is a kind of solid and liquid separation machine with continuous running or batch operation which has been widely used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, new energy, and environmental protection, etc.
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Saideli becomes the leader industrial centrifuge machine supplier of separating machines with Excelsior Spirit. The research centre now has 5 doctor tutors, 8 professional engineers, 11 senior engineers, 42 engineers and 68 assist engineers; a leading specialized research bureau, a separating and drying technology lab and 88 sets of various research devices are equipped. Now it has tens of invention patents and utility patents. Carrying out a spirit of “performing, innovating and exceeding”, Saideli, as a modernized industrial centrifuge machine factory in the machinery industry, establishes explicit quality belief and focuses on core superiority. It has various kinds of general(special) machinery device 480 sets and multiple most developed working devices in the world. Toshiba CNC boring and processing centre, German Schiess CNC turning processing Center CNC fine plasma cutting machine imported from Germany, Laser cutting machine, Saideli also built positive pressure Workshop in 2012 which can fit the requirements of GMP standard.

  • 70 Years History
  • More Than 700 Employees
  • 5500 Sets of Centrifuges Per Year
  • Cover An Area Of More Than 500000m2
Applications of Industrial Centrifuge
Widely application, with high-speed rotation, high separation efficiency, full hermetical operation, explosion-proof design, automatic control and special anti-corrosive solution, centrifuge is suitable for solid and liquid separation in many areas.
Application of Centrifugation in Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical
In active pharmaceutical ingredients' area, centrifuge has been used to deal with the separation for many years, with whole seal structure, high GMP and FDA compliance, high degree of automation as well as less energy consumption, it is very popular worldwide.
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SAIDELI Centrifuge in Chemical Industry Chemical
With high capacity, low-energy consumption and compact structure as well as high adaptability to the products, centrifuge is widely used in chemical and fine chemical industry.
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Centrifuge Equipment Meets All Your Needs in Food Industry Food
For suspension separation in starch, sugar and sweeter industries, centrifuge will be helpful.
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Farm Chemical
Centrifuge also can be used for solid and liquid separation for suspension in farm chemical such as Glyphosate, Glufosinate-ammonium etc.
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SAIDELI Centrifuge Applied in New Energy New Energy
New Energy
In lithium carbonate industry, Lithium nickel and cobalt extraction as well as electrolyte suspension, centrifuges are widely used.
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