Industrial Centrifuge Manufacturer

Industrial Centrifuge Manufacturer

As a professional industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer, Saideli provides high-quality lab centrifuge and industrial centrifuge machine with a larger model. And has been widely used in many industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. The industrial centrifuge machine has high production capacity, low energy consumption and compact structure as well as a high automation degree.

Types of Industrial Centrifuge For Sale

There are several types of industrial centrifuge for sale, including horizontal centrifuge, vertical centrifuge, top suspended centrfuge.

This industrial scale centrifuge adopts speed regulation by frequency convertor and PLC control. Adopt whole sealing explosion-proof structure, the centrifuge and meet the demand of GMP Norm of pharmaceutical industry and solid-liquid separation of flammable and explosive products. With absolute isolation between power area and process area. It is suitable for occasion when customer requires high-quality cleaning to avoid the contamination to product. Perfect CIP system can be carried out to wash the internal parts of centrifuge to avoid cross contamination, which are not easy to clean. The automatic residual cakes removing device is optional(have owned the national patent).
The industrial centrifuge adopts whole enclosed structure with quick open clamshell structure and optional product distributor, products can be distributed evenly to reduce vibration caused by unbalanced distribution.
The centrifuge frequency motor driving and full-automatic repetitive operation. The centrifuge adopts dynamic or regenerative braking to achieve obvious efficiency effects. The electric control is realized by PLC. Time setting can be carried out for all working procedures, and the real-time working status of each procedure can be displayed on the operation screen.

How Does SAIDELI's Industrial Scale Centrifuge Work?

Saideli's industrial scale centrifuge works by using centrifugal force to separate solids and liquids. The mixed suspension to be separated is fed into the centrifuge, which spins rapidly around a central shaft. The spinning motion creates a strong centrifugal force that causes the solids to settle to the filter cloth installed inside the centrifuge. The separated solids are then discharged through an outlet, while the clarified liquid is discharged through a separate outlet. The industrial centrifuge for sale can be used in various industries such as wastewater treatment, food processing, and chemical manufacturing for separating solids and liquids or for clarifying liquids.

Industrial Centrifuge Design

Automatic centrifuge is solid-liquid separation equipment which adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging.
Automatic Centrifuge

The industrial centrifuge machine is controlled by PLC. This kind of centrifuge separator machine regulates the speed by frequency convertor; the braking system adopts dynamic braking and regenerative braking. Through such procedures as product level detection, speed inspection, shaft temperature, and vibration monitoring, the whole separation process is automatic circulative work (including feeding, dehydration, washing, discharging and etc.). Also, a manual operation mode is available which can be selected.

Solid-liquid Separation

They are not only used for medium and fine particle contained suspension's separation but also used for the solid-liquid separation of noxious, explosive, and combustible products. The solid liquid centrifugal separator is mainly used in the solid-liquid separation of raw materials, intermediates and end products in the fields such as the pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry.

Air Exchange System

Adopted whole sealing explosion-proof structure, the centrifuge has automatic air exchange system (according to oxygen content or protective gas pressure) or inert gas protection, so it can meet the demand of GMP Norm of the pharmaceutical industry and solid-liquid separation of flammable and explosive products. The inner surface is polished and no dead angles are left. Connection parts, welding seam, corner, and edge adopt round and smooth treatment. Equipped with CIP system (product and machine cleaning) to get an optimized washing effect.

Benefits of SAIDELI Industrial Centrifuge Machine

SAIDELI industrial scale centrifuge plays a vital role in enhancing process efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the overall quality of end products in a variety of industrial applications. Here are some of the main advantages of SAIDELI industrial centrifuge machine.

Rapid Processing: SAIDELI offers types of industrial centrifuge which can operate at high speeds, allowing for rapid processing of materials. This speed contributes to quick separation, making industrial centrifuges suitable for high-throughput production environments.

Continuous Operation:  SAIDEL industrial scale centrifuges are designed for continuous operation, providing a constant and uninterrupted separation process. This continuous flow contributes to consistent product quality and production efficiency.

Improved Product Quality: Industrial centrifuges utilize centrifugal force to separate components based on their density, leading to efficient and precise separation of solids from liquids or liquids from liquids. This results in high-quality end products. Separation of impurities or undesired components leads to purer end products and higher productivity and profits.

Automation and Control: SAIDELI industrial centrifuge for sale comes with advanced automation and control features. This allows for precise adjustment of operating parameters, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to changing process conditions.

Scalability: Industrial scale centrifuge systems are scalable to accommodate varying production volumes. This scalability makes them suitable for both small-scale operations and large industrial processes.

Reduced Filtration Costs: Industrial scale centrifuges can replace traditional filtration methods in some applications, leading to cost savings.  SAIDELI industrial centrifuges for sale often require less maintenance and have lower operational costs compared to other separation technologies, helping the centrifuge owners to recuperate the capital cost remarkably sooner than thought.

How do you choose the right industrial centrifuge for your process?

Choosing the right industrial scale centrifuge for your process involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Understand Your Process Requirements: Evaluate your process requirements to determine the appropriate type of  industrial centrifuge.Take into account the desired throughput, particle size range, and the characteristics of the materials involved.

Centrifuge Design: Various industrial centrifuge designs, including decanter centrifuges, tubular centrifuges, basket centrifuges, peeler centrifuges, pusher centrifuges, and disk-stack centrifuges, offer distinct advantages and are tailored for different applications. Consider factors like the volume of material to be processed, the desired level of separation, and the characteristics of the feed material.

Capacity and Throughput: Assess the volume of material that needs to be processed within a given time frame. Ensure that the  industrial centrifuge's capacity and throughput match your production requirements while allowing flexibility for future growth and increased demand.

Material Compatibility: Ensure that the materials of construction are compatible with the substances being processed. This includes the bowl, conveyor, and other critical components.

Maintenance and Service: Seek reliable industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer like SAIDELI that provides reliable maintenance and service support. Regular maintenance and prompt service are critical for ensuring the longevity and uninterrupted operation of your centrifuge equipment.

Centrifuge Separator Applications
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Application of Centrifugation in Pharmaceutical Industry
In active pharmaceutical ingredients' area, centrifuge has been used to deal with the separation for many years, with whole seal structure, high GMP and FDA compliance, high degree of automation as well as less energy consumption, it is very popular worldwide.
SAIDELI Centrifuge in Chemical Industry
With high capacity, low-energy consumption and compact structure as well as high adaptability to the products, centrifuge is widely used in chemical and fine chemical industry.
Centrifuge Equipment Meets All Your Needs in Food Industry
For suspension separation in starch, sugar and sweeter industries, centrifuge will be helpful.
Farm Chemical
Centrifuge also can be used for solid and liquid separation for suspension in farm chemical such as Glyphosate, Glufosinate-ammonium etc.
SAIDELI Centrifuge Applied in New Energy
New Energy
In lithium carbonate industry, Lithium nickel and cobalt extraction as well as electrolyte suspension, centrifuges are widely used.

Industrial Centrifuge FAQs

What is an industrial centrifuge?

An industrial centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate and isolate components of different densities in a mixture, such as solids from liquids.

How does an industrial centrifuge work?

An industrial centrifuge spins a mixture of substances at high speeds, causing the denser particles to be pushed to the outer edge of the centrifuge, while the less dense particles remain closer to the center. The separated components can then be collected separately through different outlets.

What are the advantages of using an industrial centrifuge?

The advantages of using an industrial centrifuge include high efficiency, low operating costs, and the ability to separate a wide range of substances with minimal labor and maintenance.

What are the applications of industrial centrifuges?

Industrial centrifuges are used in a wide range of applications, including separating chemicals, purifying liquids, clarifying oils, concentrating solids, and dewatering sludge. They are also used in the food and beverage industry to clarify juices, extract oils, and separate dairy products.

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