Centrifuge Separator Machine Technical Support

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Centrifuge Separator Machine Technical Support

Centrifuge Separator Machine Technical Support

Saideli people focus their attention on the latest technology in the separation area continuously. 

01 They cooperate with Switzerland Ferrum Company, Germany Fima Company with several-directional technical cooperation, thus Saideli keeps its leading space among the world separation area. The leaders stipulate the core management strategy on such aspects as "let the leadership become an outstanding person, ask the scientific personnel enjoy the fun and make the employees compatible with each other ". Thus, the company regularly dispatches the executives above medium level to visit abroad and invites experts to give training, which includes decision-maker, operation, management, and professional knowledge, etc. 

02 And Saideli needs each employee to have the core values of "offer sincere service and make a contribution to society" with the enterprise spirit of 'flake morality as a basis, Be brave in progressing, Practical and high efficiency, Up and coming", so as to build up an excellent enterprise atmosphere and working environment and to set up a group with high cohesion force and loyalty. Just this working enthusiasm and innovative force exerted by the employee of Saideli provide the continuous development dynamic for the enterprise.

After-Sale Service of Centrifuge Separator Machine

Saideli deeply understands the connotation of brand and the range of quality. Therefore, at the time of raising the quality of centrifuge separator machine, it never forgets the construction and improvement of service quality system. 

The company has been always holding the service ideology of "customer first" and thinks about every need of customers and meet all requirements of customers. 

Not only can the company make the adequate product to customers according to their will, but also undertakes the work which others are not willing to do With the door to door service, the company solves the problems of customers, including making modifications to imported products and technical innovation on out of date equipment Meanwhile, the company, one of professional sludge dewatering centrifuges manufacturers, regularly organizes professional training to service personnel and raise the groups' service consciousness and quality Saideli sets requirements for each service personnel that they must seriously treat the issues of such procedure. As before sale, in-sale, and after-sale, thus, the customers can enjoy the worry-free service. It also offers professional technical information, up-to-date product brochure, and free consultation to customers and provides considerable housekeeping service with professional consultation groups.

After-Sale Service of Centrifuge Separator Machine

Research & Development of Centrifuge Separation Equipment

Since the beginning of nineteen seventies, Saideli has always insisted the development strategy "of establishing the enterprise with science and technology" and setting up a technical innovation system under the leadership of the president Mr. Gu Gensheng It sets technology R&D organization, implements processing development, and finds out technology solution, meanwhile, it actively seeks for technical support, enhances the cooperation with the first-class enterprise in the world and domestic top-class universities and research institutes. 

Research And Development Of Centrifuge Separation Device

At the same time, the company circuits and cultivates professional talents in every channels by every means, thus, a high quality core technical group has been formed.

Research And Development Of Centrifuge Separation Equipment

At present, the company has a domestic leading professional scientific research institute and one separating and drying technology experiment as well as 42 sets of equipment for scientific research.

Research And Development Of Centrifuge Separation

These products not only accord with national situation and meet the GMP specification for medicine production, but also replace the same kinds of imported products, which fill the technical blank in this field of China and gain several items of state patents.

Research And Development Of Centrifuge Separation Equipment

At the same time, the company has been qualified for product simultaneous design and development, which can be vertically integrated with supply. According to the engineering requirement of different customers, the company can make the design data more accurate and efficient. 

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