SAIDELI Latest news articles


SAIDELI Latest news articles
Structure and Working Principle of Horizontal Centrifuge
2022 / 05 / 19
1. Structures of horizontal centrifugethe main motor is equipped with a pulley to drive the pulley on the drum to drive the drum to rotate. The drum is supported on two main bearings. The drum is equi...
These Three Adjustable Parameters Can Improve the Dewatering Performance of the Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 05 / 12
Horizontal spiral centrifuge is abbreviated as horizontal spiral centrifuge. It is an efficient centrifugal separation equipment. The drum and the spiral rotate at a certain differential speed in the ...
Self-adjusting Capability of Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 05 / 05
Decanter centrifuge is an efficient separation equipment, which is mainly used for sludge separation and wastewater treatment in steel rolling mills, coal washing and beneficiation, papermaking and le...
Precautions for Starting Feed Lubrication of Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 04 / 29
The main purpose of a horizontal decanter centrifuge is to continually separate the material fed into it, which necessitates the machine removing the material that has previously been separated inside...
Design of Several Main Components in Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 04 / 22
The separation effect of a decanter centrifuge is highly dependent on the screen type used. Presently, three types of centrifuge screen mesh are available: woven mesh, perforated plate mesh, and shear...
Decanter Centrifuge: a Widely Used Solid-liquid Separation Equipment
2022 / 04 / 15
Decanter centrifuge dewatering efficiency slow problem has been encountered in the use of decanter centrifuge process. Specifically with the increase of solid phase materials in the drum, decanter cen...
Centrifuges Have a Big Future in Pharmaceuticals
2022 / 04 / 08
Centrifuges are quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of machinery in the pharmaceutical sector. Centrifuges are widely utilized in the medical industry, with applications including blood ...
Process Procedures of Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge
2022 / 03 / 24
Sludge centrifugal dehydrator is a machine that applies the principle of centrifugal sedimentation for sludge concentration or dehydration. It consists of rotating drum, screw conveyor, differential g...
Decanter Centrifuge for Extraction of Natural Pigments
2022 / 03 / 17
How is the natural pigment extraction market? How to choose the model of the decanter centrifuge for natural pigment extraction? SAIDELI will answer for you. Pigments are mainly used in printing and d...