SAIDELI Latest news articles


SAIDELI Latest news articles
The Specific Function and Working Principle of Sewage Treatment Centrifuge
2022 / 08 / 08
With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and the importance of sewage treatment to life and enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. It is...
Professional Chemical Separation Technology Lies in the Effective Application of Centrifuges
2022 / 08 / 01
Chemical separation technology is an important branch of chemical engineering, and the application of chemical centrifuge is the key. Whether it is petroleum refining, plastic chemical fiber, hydromet...
Application of Coal Mine Wastewater Treatment Equipment in Solid-liquid Separation of Coal Mine Wastewater
2022 / 07 / 22
For a mine, it is necessary to build a sewage pipe network and a sewage treatment plant in stages and in batches according to the overall planning of the mine and the drainage plan. In some coal mine ...
Adjustment and Treatment Effect of Operation Parameters of Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 07 / 15
1. Selection of drum speed of decanter centrifugeThe rotating speed of the drum can be adjusted between 1000 rpm and 2800 rpm. When the rotating speed of the decanter centrifuge is increased, the cent...
Frequency Control Technology of Crew Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 07 / 08
1. The advantages of frequency conversion technology of crew decanter centrifugeIn recent years, the frequency converter has been continuously updated and developed as a kind of industrial control equ...
Standard for Fully Automatic Centrifuges Used in Pharmaceutical Companies
2022 / 07 / 01
As a common solid-liquid separation equipment, centrifuges are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Then for the centrifuges needed in the pharmaceutical industry, the r...
Application of Decanter Centrifuge in Petrochemical Industry
2022 / 06 / 22
Oily sludge is generally composed of water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions and suspended solids. Most sludge particles are "oily solids" (such as asphaltenes, colloids and paraffins, etc.)...
Discharge Problem of Dewatering Centrifuge
2022 / 06 / 15
Ⅰ. dewatering centrifuge hanging out dischargeWith this unloading method, the drum and filter bag of the dewatering centrifuge should be easy to assemble and disassemble, and the filter bag should be...
Operation Management and Effect of Screw Decanter Centrifuge
2022 / 06 / 08
When the decanter centrifuge is in operation, its high-speed rotating drum will generate a strong centrifugal force, and the solid phase particles with higher density than the liquid phase will stick ...