YG Rotary Drum Pressure Filter
YG Rotary Drum Pressure Filter

Continuous Rotary Drum Pressure Filter

YG Continuous Rotary Drum Filter for sale can be used to quickly carry out solid-liquid separation of various suspension materials with such features as continuous discharging, high handing capacity, good dehydrating effect, excellent operating environment, low floor space and a high degree of automation. Rotary drum filter design conforms to the requirements of GMP and FDA. As one of the professional  rotary drum filter manufacturers, Saideli has the suitable rotary drum filter for sale to your needs. If you want it, we can provide it to you at a competitive rotary drum filter price. Contact us today and boost your operations with an continuous rotary drum pressure filter for optimum efficiency!

YG Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary Drum Filter Working Principle

Continuous rotary drum filter rotates centripetally inside a pressure housing at infinitely variable speeds. Ring chamber between drum and housing adopt special packing seal and been separated into several gas seal chambers. Filtering units formed by filtering liquid pipe and control heads are on the surface of the drum. The suspension will be fed continuously into the filtering units under pressure and filter cake will accumulate in the filtering units. Under rotation of the drum, filter cake will be transferred to the next units. After four steps which are filtering, washing, drying, and discharging, the units will be totally filled, then washing liquid or gas will be fed to replace liquid in one phase to ensure liquid go through filter cake. In non-pressure discharging area, filter cake can be discharged through back blowing and movable scraper. Each filtering unit will rotate around axis during the rotation of the drum. This type of industrial centrifugal filter runs continuously with feeding, filtering, washing, drying and discharging.

Rotary Drum Filter Application

Pressure drum filter can be used for all continuous rotary filter or batch production suspension and full sealing design especially suitable for filtering of solvents and separation of products which must be done in full sealing system, such as toxic products or products have safety requirement for plant or environment.

1.Dye, pigment



4.Pesticide, fine chemical


Rotary Drum Pressure Filter Efficiency

Pressure drum filter is a kind of continuous filter with a pressure sealing design. Pressure drum filter adopts perforated drum as a filter medium and integrates washing, extraction, evaporation and drying in one machine. And it is a kind of solid and liquid separating sealing machine with continuous and automatic catching of solids from suspension(mixed with solid and liquid). With continuous operation, although slow speed, the rotary drum pressure filter will be with high efficiency.

Rotary Drum Pressure Filter Diagram

   China Drum Filter 

1.reducer  2.distributing head  3.mother liquid pipe  4.inner drum  5.feeding pipe  6.outer drum 


Rotary Filter


YG Rotary Drum Filter Advantages

Washing cycle. The filter cakes with slightly extruded special structure and density can be washed in one or several phases. The design in pressure drum filter ensures that the minimum amount of washing media is used for replacement washing. The washing liquid is discharged through the liquid discharging pipe. The filter cakes are separated through the control head(depending on the washing phase selected) and return to the rotary drum filter if necessary. The filter cakes go for drying and evaporating.
Filter cake discharging. Taking into consideration the operation of the full-automatic drum filter or the service life of the filter structure, it is very necessary to carry out simple and complete filter cake discharging. In the rotary pressurization filter, the filter cake will drop due to its own gravity. If the sticking force prevents the filter cake from falling, back blowing by air or gas or mechanical, discharging by scraper can serve as an aid to the discharging process.
Continuous running. The previous pressurization filters almost adopt intermittent operation, but this pressure drum filter adopts continuous operation, which conforms to modern requirements for continuous production. The rotary drum filter for sale displays its unique advantages because it can filter harmful and poisonous solids and solvents.
Perfect sealing performance. There is no need to worry about leakage even when it is used for handing filter pulps containing methyl and alcohol methylbenzene, or when it is necessary to adopt the volatile solvents as the deterqent, or when materials of stinky smell are handled.
High rotary drum filter efficiency. The rotary drum simultaneously completes the procedures such as filtering, filter cake washing, dehydrating and drying, discharging, etc. when it turns a circle.
Low water content of filter cakes. The water content of filter cakes is low because the compressed air, superheated steam or high temperature gas are used to dry the filter cakes in addition to the pressurization filter.
Safety. The potential risk of high speed rotary machine will not occur because the rotation speed of the machine is low.
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