Advantages of Using Variable Frequency Drive for Control of Scraper Centrifuge

There are many advantages to using a variable frequency drive to control a centrifuge. Today we will briefly discuss them. Industrial centrifuge machine manufacturers have developed rapidly in recent years, with more functions, complete models, and smarter and simpler operations. With the progress and development of technology, many components of centrifuges have been upgraded.

Scraper centrifuge is controlled with frequency converters

First, the scraper centrifuge is now mostly controlled by a variable frequency drive instead of a mechanical brake with brake pads to perform braking, which has several advantages. Firstly, it can control the startup acceleration time of the centrifuge, as well as the dehydration time and feeding time during the production process. The most important thing is that we can start and stop the centrifuge through the resistor braking of the frequency converter, thereby achieving higher efficiency and accurately knowing the braking time. In addition, through the control of the frequency converter, various operations of the centrifuge can be easily controlled, for example, the feeding valve can be automatically controlled, and the washing method can be controlled reasonably according to production needs, so as to find the most labor-saving and time-saving method and further improve our production efficiency. It can also be operated remotely through the frequency converter. Under the premise that many raw materials produced by chemical companies are flammable and explosive, remote control must be used. Therefore, we need to use the frequency converter to install on-site explosion-proof buttons, and the equipment and control cabinets are not placed together, but production operations can be carried out in the same way, greatly reducing safety hazards.

Another advantage is that current frequency converters are equipped with PLCs. As long as the power box is maintained properly, original parts such as brake resistors will not be damaged, reducing the trouble of replacing mechanical brake pads. This also reduces the workload of mechanics. By using the frequency converter as a selling point, centrifuge manufacturers have also increased the value of their products.

Using the scraper centrifuge greatly improves production efficiency

The scraper is controlled by a frequency converter and is installed and adjusted before leaving the factory. However, different materials with different dehydration and viscosity will be encountered in the production process, and more time is required to adjust during the initial stage of production. The scraper needs to remove the material, and of course, the thinner the residual filter cake layer, the better. However, the scraper also needs to leave some clearance to avoid scraping too much, which may damage the filter cloth. Therefore, the thickness of the filter cake layer is generally controlled to about 1 cm. Then adjust the speed of the scraper moving in and out left and right. The scraping sequence of an automatic centrifuge is: the scraper rotates inward, then begins to descend, then rises, and finally exits. When the scraper starts feeding, it needs to start feeding at a constant speed and gradually scrape the material. At this time, the scraper gradually moves towards the filter cake layer to scrape it, maintaining a slow and uniform feed (depending on the hardness of the material after drying, the harder it is, the slower it should be), and then gradually begins to descend. Because at this time, the material is slowly scraped down from the top position, the speed cannot be too fast. If the speed is too fast, all the material will fall down at once, which will be difficult to come out of the discharge hopper. Find a suitable speed. Then, when the scraper enters the bottom position of the drum, it stays for a period of time. After all the material is discharged, lift the scraper and rotate it back to the starting position. This is the process of using a scraper to scrape the material. Therefore, after the scraper centrifuge adopts frequency control, the automation level of the centrifuge will be higher, and our production efficiency will be improved.

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