Features of Centrifuges and Their Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Characteristics and applications of industrial centrifuge machine in pharmaceutical Industry

Centrifuges are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Liquid separation has always been completed by centrifuges. With the continuous development of science and technology, especially the continuous development of centrifuges, the application of industrial centrifuge machine in the pharmaceutical industry will become more and more extensive. Pharmaceutical centrifuge machines have the following characteristics:

(1) The adaptability of the material is strong. The selection of appropriate filter media can separate fine particles of millimeter grade, and can also be used as dehydration of finished articles. The articles can be cleaned through the washing pipe.

(2) The manual upper discharge type has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy operation, and can maintain the grain shape of the product.

(3) The pharmaceutical centrifuge machine adopts advanced elastic support structure, which can reduce vibration caused by uneven load, and the machine runs smoothly.

(4) The whole high-speed operation structure is concentrated in a closed shell, which can realize sealing and avoid pollution to materials.

2. The development of pharmaceutical centrifuge machines should conform to the specifications

The functional requirements for the use of pharmaceutical centrifuge machines are the most concerned issue for manufacturers. As far as the use of the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, due to the wide variety of substances and the large differences in properties of drugs, from the perspective of drug preparation, the crushing of materials is beneficial to the precipitation of effective components of the drugs. The corresponding extraction rate will be better, but the viscosity of the residue will be relatively greater, which will increase the difficulty of solid-liquid, making part of the solid liquid centrifugal separator inapplicable.

The production and production quality of drugs are closely related to the factors of pharmaceutical equipment. The human errors that affect the quality of drug production are reduced to a minimum, to prevent all drug contamination, cross-contamination and the decline of drug quality, and to ensure drug safety and production quality. Therefore, it is determined that the development of pharmaceutical equipment must also conform to this principle. Therefore, industrial centrifuge machines should meet the requirements while developing rapidly.

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