Professional Chemical Separation Technology Lies in the Effective Application of Centrifuges

Chemical separation technology is an important branch of chemical engineering, and the application of chemical centrifuge is the key. Whether it is petroleum refining, plastic chemical fiber, hydrometallurgy, isotope separation, or the refining of biological products, the preparation of nanomaterials, the desulfurization of flue gas and the production of fertilizers and pesticides, chemical separation technology is inseparable. Most of the raw materials and products in chemical production are mixtures, which need to be separated and purified by using the difference in the properties of each component in the system or by means of a separating agent. It is often a key step in obtaining qualified products, making full use of resources and controlling environmental pollution.

1. Application of chemical centrifuge in chemical industry

With the rapid development of the chemical industry, the separation technology of chemical centrifuge has also achieved rapid development. On the one hand, the research and application of traditional separation technologies have been continuously improved, the separation efficiency has been improved, the processing capacity has been increased, and new separation devices have been emerging; The development, research and application of existing separation technologies such as extraction technology and adsorption technology have become the frontier subjects of separation engineering research. The chemical separation process is mainly the operation of separating the mixture into two or more different products. The use of chemical centrifuges is mainly a process of separating and clarifying materials through the centrifugal force field generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge.

2. The importance of using chemical centrifuges in the chemical industry

Chemical products have requirements for purity or effective content. Whether it is organic synthesis or inorganic synthesis, there may be by-products or unreacted raw materials, so a mixed state is formed. Substances are mixed in three states or even in various states. To obtain the target product, separation technology must be used. The separation technology is currently developing rapidly, and new equipment, new processes and cutting-edge technologies are constantly emerging, providing advantages for the development of the chemical industry. In particular, the provision of high-purity products is possible, reducing the occurrence of uncontrollable harmful reactions of impurities, and providing high-purity products for all walks of life. Therefore, separation technology (process) is of great significance in chemical production and even in national economy and national defense construction.

For the chemical industry, the development and production of centrifuges in the chemical industry play a key role in chemical production. Centrifuges are widely used in the field of chemical separation. It is one of the few separation equipments that can complete high throughput and high-efficiency material separation and can ensure the separation effect among many types of separation equipment. For chemical production, it can be regarded as a "once and for all" investment.

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