Reasons and Solutions for Malfunction of Scraper Centrifuge

In the production process, we found that scraper centrifuge can quickly rotate and separate materials based on the drum installed on the motor-driven machine. The liquid material to be separated enters the drum through the feeding pipe and, under the action of centrifugal force, the mixed liquid is filtered through the filter cloth and filtering holes on the inner wall of the drum and discharged from the drum, gathering in the pores between the inner and outer drums, while the separated solid material remains in the inner drum, forming a filter cake layer in the machine. During operation, if the feeding amount reaches the maximum value, the machine will stop feeding and the material can be further separated, allowing for cleaning. At this point, the cleaning and separation of the material is completed, and finally the material is scraped off with a scraper and unloaded. Then the machine restarts, and the next cycle begins. This kind of unloading efficiency is unmatched by other types of products. Then, if we find that the machine has problems during use, what should we do for effective solution.

Working principle of scraper centrifuge

The material enters the motor's material feeder through the feeding pipe, and the motor's material feeder rotates and throws the liquid material onto the wall of the drum uniformly. The solid particles in the mixed solution are filtered through the filter cloth, forming a filter cake layer on the inner wall of the drum, and the liquid is separated from the drum under the action of centrifugal force and thrown out of the drum through the small holes on the drum, achieving solid-liquid separation. When the thickness of the filter cake layer reaches maximum volume, feeding stops. After a period of dehydration and washing, the material is dried and the dried solid material is scraped off with a scraper and collected through the lower discharging hopper, and then follows the subsequent bagging or drying process. Such a process of unloading is completed.

Reasons for the abnormal operation of scraper centrifuge

  • Poor fluidity of the added liquid material, making it difficult to flow after feeding and causing uneven feeding and vibration.

  • The drum speed is too fast, the liquid material cannot be effectively dispersed, causing vibration.

  • Uneven distribution of filter cloth, resulting in uneven distribution and vibration of incoming materials.

  • The spring of the plate damper is not up to standard, too hard or too soft will affect stability.

Solutions to the abnormal operation of scraper centrifuge

Before testing the scraper industrial centrifuge, please turn off the power. When the brake is released, you can try to rotate the drum by hand to see if it is jammed. Purely judge the bearing quality. If it does not move, it may need major repairs. If it can be rotated, follow the following subsequent checks.

After the power is turned on, start the machine clockwise. (Generally, most rotate clockwise, a few rotate counterclockwise. This is based on the normal operating direction, which usually takes about 40 to 60 seconds to start operating normally); after waiting for the highest frequency of the automatic industrial centrifuge, we first listen for abnormal noise and miscellaneous noise during the operation process, and then observe the mechanical operation stability. We put our hands on the platform to feel the vibration of the centrifuge, and judge the bearing quality roughly based on the magnitude of the vibration. For the bearing transmission part of the equipment, it is the part that most affects the quality of equipment operation, and the bearings must be reliable.

Check the braking system. Now the centrifuge is all electric resistor braking, which is more convenient with frequency converter. However, some manufacturers' machines are still with mechanical brakes, so the friction plate must be checked. When we stop the machine, you can try to brake effectively. If the effect is not good, replace the brake pads.

In practical use, the automatic scraper centrifuge is very suitable for the separation of high-concentration suspensions with a particle size of 0.015mm and a concentration range of 25%-70%. Such machines are widely used in high-end chemical, food processing, and efficient pharmaceutical industries. For example, starch processing and solid-liquid separation of materials are many applications in production. This is why the scraper discharge centrifuge is widely used and recognized by many people in the industry.

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