Scraper Centrifuge Operation Advantages and Scraper Adjustment Methods

Scraper Centrifuge can automatically carry out various processes such as automatic feeding, material separation, material washing, efficient dehydration, large-volume liquid discharge, efficient material discharging, and screen washing under the full-speed operation state. The entire machine has the characteristics of novel structure, smooth operation, high automation degree, low labor intensity, large production capacity, good cleaning effect, and low cake moisture content in practical production.

Scraper centrifuge machine has advantages in separating materials

In practical use, scraper centrifuge can fully rotate the inner and outer drum of the machine under the drive of the main motor to separate the material. After the material to be separated enters the drum from the feeding pipe, under the strong centrifugal force, the liquid phase material is discharged from the inside of the inner drum through the filter cloth and filter holes in the inner drum wall and collected in the gaps between the inner and outer drums. Then, it enters the suction chamber through the suction effect from the through-hole and is drawn out of the machine again by the suction device. The separated solid-phase material remains in the inner drum, forming a filter cake layer. If the feeding amount reaches the maximum value, the machine stops feeding and the material can be further separated, thus it can be washed. Therefore, the washing and separation of the material are basically over, and finally the scraper rotates automatically, scraping off the separated material and discharging it out of the machine through the screw conveyor. Finally, the machine enters the automatic screen washing state and starts the next material separation cycle, which has the high efficiency in material separation that no other machine can match.

Scraper centrifuge machine can separate small particles in materials

In practical use, scraper centrifuge is very suitable for separating high-concentration suspensions with material particle size around 0.015mm and concentration range between 25% and 70%. Such machines are widely used in many industries such as advanced chemical industry, food processing, and efficient pharmaceutical production, such as starch processing and solid-liquid separation in production.

Therefore, scraper industrial centrifuge is now widely used and recognized in many industries. Generally, the manufacturer will install the scraper before leaving the factory, but in the actual operation process, different materials with different dehydration and viscosity need to be adjusted during the start of production. The scraper needs to scrape off the material, and of course, the thinner the residual filter cake layer, the better. However, the scraper also needs to leave some space, primarily to avoid scraping too much and easily damaging the filter cloth. Therefore, we generally control the filter cake thickness to be around 1cm, and then observe the condition of the scraper material to determine whether it can be adjusted, but at least 3-4 mm of clearance must be left to avoid the scraper scraping the filter cloth.

After adjusting the scraper material thickness, it is also necessary to adjust the speed of the scraper up and down, left and right, that is, the speed of the scraper in the sequence of scraper entry, scraper retreat, scraper lifting and falling must be adjusted well. Generally, the automatic centrifuge machine scraper sequence is: the scraper rotates in, then the scraper starts to descend, then the scraper rises, and finally the scraper exits. The scraper needs to enter the material uniformly and slowly when starting to feed, and at this time, the scraper gradually moves from the center of the drum towards the filter cake layer, entering at a uniform speed as much as possible (depending on the hardness after material dehydration, the harder the slower). Then start to descend because at this time, the material is scraped from the top and not easy to come out from the discharge hopper if the speed is too fast. It needs to be adjusted to a suitable position so that the material can come out uniformly during the scraping process. When the scraper reaches the bottom, the scraper is lifted and lastly reset, which is the process of scraping once.

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