The fifteenth moon patted you: Hey, friends, happy Lantern Festival!

The streets and alleys are decorated with lanterns, people eat dumplings and set off fireworks. It is "the fire tree and the silver flowers are closed, and the star bridge is locked. 

The dark dust goes with the horse, and the bright moon chases people."


In order to vigorously carry forward traditional culture and create a harmonious and festive festive atmosphere, on the afternoon of February 14, 

Saideli, a professional industrial centrifuge factory, held an activity of guessing lantern riddles and making a Lantern Festival. Mysteries fluttering in the wind, 

the air mixed with the fragrance of flour, and interesting puzzle games, let everyone stop and linger and actively participate in it!


"Buy dumplings, sell dumplings, the second brother's dumplings are round again", the familiar melody reverberated in their minds, 

and everyone is starting to crave dumplings. Before the competition, the enthusiastic and virtuous masters went through a series of "processing" 

procedures to knead the glutinous rice flour into a large dough and divide it into five equal parts, making full preparations for the competition.


With the referee's order, the dumpling competition officially began. The techniques of the contestants highlighted the difference between professional and non-professionals. 

The masters were as fierce as tigers, rubbing, kneading, pressing nests, stacking stuffing, and sealing, and a round and lovely dumpling was "born". 

Let's take a look at the non-professional players. Although the process is correct, they lack operating experience, and the skin is thin and stuffed. 

The white "belly" of the dumplings is broken. In timed competitions, everyone has ignored the beauty of dumplings, and pursued breakthroughs and transcendence in quantity.

As a result, Meiyuaner and Ugly Yuaner competed for the top...


Each group of players worked together, and five sets of products were born, 40 in the first group, 51 in each of the second and third groups, 

52 in the fourth group, and 43 in the fifth group. According to the rules, those with more quantity and better quality will win, 

the fourth group will win the championship, and the second group will be the runner-up.

Guessing lantern riddles

Walking into the lantern riddle guessing scene, a festive and peaceful scene came into view. The red lanterns were hung high, 

and the long ropes of the lanterns were hung with colorful notes. A gust of wind blew, and the notes flew up and down like a The dancing butterflies are beautiful. 

"Hurry up, hurry up, you won't be able to catch up with it later!" The voices of the guessers came from far away. It is bound to be won, everyone is gearing up,

tearing down the mystery, turning smart brains, and soon comes to the referee to reveal the mystery. In the surging crowd guessing scene, 

there were cheers from those who solved the riddle, scratches from those who couldn't guess the answer, and active help from enthusiastic friends. It was a lively atmosphere.


Lovely Lantern Festival Fun Game

The third party is a fun game competition. The hands and feet are used together, the focus is on participation, 

and there is no winner or loser. The players moved their muscles and bones, and after clearing the left and right directions, 

they stepped into the game position. These simple operations are a piece of cake for the flexible, agile and intelligent Sedli people. 

In order to win, he has completely disregarded how funny his actions are. The spirit is commendable, and the victory belongs to the participants.


The reason why the Lantern Festival is passed down is because of the cultural heritage and significance of this festival: reunion, harmony, freedom, these are our beautiful expectations. The company held this event to let the employees feel the warm and big reunion in the big family of Saideli, and at the same time send every beautiful blessing to everyone and pass it on to every brother and sister.

On this beautiful day, Jiangsu Saideli wishes new and old customers and all employees a complete, sweet and smooth life! Happy Lantern Festival!

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