Tips for Improving Work Efficiency with a Decanter Centrifuge

Method to improve the efficiency of decanter centrifuge

To improve the efficiency of decanter centrifuge machine, it's suggested to increase the separation drum speed relatively in separating materials which are non-corrosive or slightly corrosive while ensuring safety. The large filtering area of the separation drum is beneficial to the separation efficiency. Effort should be made to increase the filtering area inside the decanter centrifuge machine drum.

For example, increasing the filtering lining can reserve small gaps between the decanter centrifuge machine drums and improve the water permeability. The section area of materials can be increased by improving the V-shape filter baffle to prolong the centrifugal separation time. If necessary, a small amount of dehydration method can be used multiple times to reduce the amount of material filtered by the decanter centrifuge machine and ensure the solid-liquid separation effect.

In addition, pretreatment is essential. For separations of materials with viscosity, washing operations should be performed within the allowable range of the process. The relative size of the solid phase material particles can be increased through measures to extend the separation and processing capabilities of the decanter centrifuge machine. Without changing the process, adding flocculants, coagulants, precipitants, and other agents can improve the separation efficiency of decanter centrifuge machines.

As the inertia of the decanter centrifuge machine is relatively large, the startup current is high and lasts longer. Therefore, electrical equipment and circuits should be able to withstand large loads and should not exceed the rotation speed and solid density specified on the decanter separator nameplate or instructions. The decanter separator cannot be operated unless it's solidly installed. Before starting, tighten the cover bolts and belt cover bolts on the decanter centrifuge machine.

If obvious abnormalities and vibrations occur during the operation of the decanter centrifuge machine, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. In addition, when it comes to repairing the rotating parts of the decanter centrifuge machine such as the drum and spiral conveyor, welding and grinding should be performed in contact with the original manufacturers.

Regarding solid-liquid separation of the decanter centrifuge machine, it's achieved through the cross-screwing and appropriate speed. When it comes to clogging at the discharge outlet during the processing of protein sludge, it can be judged by whether the current in the decanter separator is too high. If so, the problem needs to be resolved promptly without delay.

Can the decanter centrifuge be used to separate high-density yeast substrate?

It depends on specific aspects such as material parameters, including the density difference between the solid and liquid phases, particle size distribution of the solid phase, whether the solid phase can be compressed, and the required separation factors. In the separation process, it's also important to consider how to handle the separated products. If these issues can be solved well, then the decanter separator can be used.

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