XJZ Top Suspended Centrifuge

XJZ Top Suspended Batch Centrifuge's structure adopts a top located transmission system, the vertical motor provides the driving of the drum through the coupling directly and the drum is fixed on the lower end of the shaft. The working principle of the top suspended motor batch centrifuge. The motor drives the drum to turn. When the drum reaches feeding speed, the suspension products to be separated will enter into the drum at a high speed from the feeding pipe. Feeding will stop when the preset volume is reached. Then the speed of drum filter working will be raised for separating. Under the centrifugal force, the products will be filtered by a filter cloth(filter screen). The liquid phase will be thrown through the rotary drum hole to the empty chamber and discharged through the liquid discharging pipe. The solid phase will be retained on the drum and form cylindrical filter cakes which can be a wash.

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