Adjustment of Decanter Centrifuges for Different Production Requirements

Decanter centrifuge is a kind of high-efficiency solid-liquid separation equipment, which is mainly used in solid-liquid separation processing in production and pollution control of production wastewater. The application of the decanter centrifuge in the centrifuge wastewater treatment of steel rolling mills, coal washing and beneficiation, paper and leather making and other fields. Different processing objects must have different requirements for machine performance parameters. Saideli will tell you about the self-adaptive adjustment that decanter centrifuges can do to meet different production requirements. Different separation objects, the decanter centrifuge should also be adjusted and adapted accordingly, and there are many parameters for the price of the decanter centrifuge. There are roughly the following three parameters that need to be adjusted in order to match the process performance of the decanter centrifuge after the material is replaced in production.

1. Adjustment of the aspect ratio of the decanter centrifuge

The diameter and effective length of the drum have a great influence on the separation and processing of the decanter centrifuge. The larger the diameter of the drum, the larger the settlement area. The stronger it will be, the greater the centrifugal separation processing capacity of materials will be. In the case of the same centrifuge speed, the material can obtain a larger separation factor, and the separation effect is naturally better.

As the diameter of the decanter increases, the allowable speed decreases as the robustness of the material decreases, because it is limited by the strength of the material. The diameter of the bowl of the decanter can only be as large as possible and cannot be increased indefinitely. In the separation process of the decanter centrifuge, there are generally two options for the length-diameter ratio of the drum under the condition of the same throughput. Generally, the centrifuge with a large drum diameter runs at a lower differential speed, and the length-diameter ratio of the small drum must be Increase differential speed to improve efficiency.

2. Adjustment of the half cone angle of the bowl of the decanter centrifuge

The half cone angle of the drum is more important to the performance of the decanter centrifuge. To ensure the clarification effect, of course, the larger the half cone angle of the drum filter, the better. Moreover, starting from the effect of slag conveying and dehydration in separation processing, the cone angle is best designed. should be as small as possible. In the design of the decanter centrifuge, the process procedure is comprehensively referenced. The slag conveying is the key consideration of the decanter centrifuge and a necessary condition for the normal operation of the centrifuge. When the parameters are adjusted to ensure the clarification effect, the slag conveying conditions will be biased. The current half-cone angle of materials that are difficult to separate is generally less than 6 degrees, and the angle within 10 degrees can meet the separation requirements of common material separation.

3. Adjustment of the pitch of the decanter centrifuge and the impeller of the propeller

The pitch of the decanter centrifuge is a key factor that directly affects the slag conveying. For materials that are difficult to separate and difficult to convey, the pitch should be adjusted to be smaller; for materials that are easy to separate with low requirements for slag conveying, in order to improve the conveying efficiency of sediment, It is best to adjust the pitch to be larger.

For the type of impeller swept propeller of the decanter centrifuge, this should be the key parameter for selection when designing the production line machine selection. The impeller sweeping screw is very important, its function is to transport the sediment settled on the inside of the drum, so that the slag discharge can be carried out smoothly. It is not only a discharge device, but its importance also determines the production efficiency, separation effect and service life of the new decanter.

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