Requirements for the Use of Scraper Centrifuges in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

As a solid-liquid separation equipment, centrifuges are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. For pharmaceutical centrifuges, raw materials have high requirements on the production environment during the production process. Under strict environmental requirements, such as sterile workshops, there are 10,000 and 100,000 sterile workshops. Good sealing performance can effectively isolate the inside and outside of the machine. The solid, liquid and gas phase in the centrifuge chamber must not pollute the workshop environment; on the other hand, the operator and the external environment will not pollute the material. Therefore, the requirements for centrifuges need to be airtight and standard. The horizontal scraper centrifuge can separate the standard drugs or intermediates with reasonable energy consumption, and no new impurities and pollution will be generated during the drug processing. Therefore, scraper centrifuges are widely used in the modern pharmaceutical industry.

1. Requirements for scraper centrifuges in pharmaceuticals

Over the years, manufacturers have put forward higher standards for scraper centrifuges. The requirements for the design, manufacture, selection and installation of products mainly include: the design, selection and installation of products should meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production, be easy to clean, disinfect or sterilize, facilitate production operation, repair and maintenance, prevent errors or reduce contamination . Surfaces of equipment in direct contact with drugs should be smooth, flat, free of dead spots, easy to clean or disinfect, resistant to corrosion, free from chemical changes or drug adsorption.

The GMP standards implemented in various places aim to strictly control the drug production process and ensure the quality of drugs. The World Health Organization, the European Union, and the United States have different versions of GMP certification standards. GMP has strict requirements on the hardware and software of pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, if a pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to enter a specific market, its pharmaceutical processing technology, equipment and drug quality must comply with the GMP version implemented by the importing country, and the pharmaceutical production equipment must also comply with the corresponding GMP standards. The horizontal scraper industrial-scale centrifuge can separate drugs or intermediates that meet GMP standards with reasonable energy consumption, without generating new impurities and pollution during drug processing.

In pharmaceutical production, the particle size of solid-liquid separation is usually in the range of 10 ~ 10 ~ 100mm, that is to say, the solid particles are small and the filtration separation effect is not good. The horizontal scraper centrifuge can prolong the residence time of materials in the solid-liquid equipment, so as to achieve a good solid-liquid separation effect. In order to meet the special requirements of pharmaceutical production, the solid-liquid separation equipment should be able to prevent external microorganisms from mixing into the reaction materials, and in some cases also have the functions of CIP and SIP. Cleaning-in-place refers to the effective cleaning of equipment without the need to move or disassemble it to prevent the build-up of materials or impurities. The inner wall of the equipment must be ground to the corresponding level, there is no concave structure, and all corners need to be rounded. In-situ sterilization refers to high-temperature steam sterilization before the equipment is put into production, after each batch, or when switching products in a multi-functional factory, and the corresponding condensate is discharged and dried.

2. The drum of the scraper centrifuge rotates around the horizontal axis of the equipment

The very robust mechanical construction of the industrial scale centrifuge equipment ensures that the material can be unloaded by the hydraulic scraper in the case of high speed rotation. In the horizontal scraper centrifuge, centrifugal force and gravity act in the same direction, and the distribution of the filter cake is more even and balanced, thus ensuring the filtering and washing effect of the filter cake. Compared with vertical centrifuges, horizontal centrifuges have a wider range of applications.

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