Functional Requirements for Pharmaceutical Centrifuges

Centrifuges are widely used in pharmaceutical and food companies. The pharmaceutical and food industries must strictly abide by the regulations. Today, let's talk about the functional requirements of pharmaceutical centrifuges.

(1) The centrifugal separation equipment should be able to prevent external microorganisms from mixing into the material to be separated.

(2) The surface in contact with the separation material will not produce chemical reaction adsorption, penetration and oxidation peeling.

(3) The inner surface of the centrifuge in contact with the material (centrifuge basket drum, shell, etc.) must be polished to a corresponding level, no concave structure is allowed, and arc transitions are required for all corners. The welding seam must be continuous (ie, seamless welding), the welding point should be smooth, and the welding seam should be purified after mechanical polishing.

(4) The centrifuge should have on-site cleaning function (that is, the equipment can be effectively cleaned without moving or dismantling) to prevent the accumulation of materials and impurities. This is a necessary condition for a thorough cleaning of the equipment. For this, fully automated cleaning units for separators are desirable, which have been successfully used for the cleaning of centrifuges, storage tanks, piping systems and other equipment.

(5) In order to ensure that all positions inside the pharmaceutical centrifuge machine can be fully inspected, the centrifuge shell cover should have multiple opening methods, namely large flip cover, small flip cover and airtight cover.

(6) The pharma centrifuge should have the function of preventing static electricity and static electricity accumulation, that is, the inside of the machine should be sealed with nitrogen gas, and the micro-positive pressure in the centrifuge should be maintained by supplementing and emptying, so as to meet the explosion-proof requirements of the whole machine. Special materials also ensure quality and safety.

(7) In some cases, the centrifuge should also have the clean function of in-situ sterilization, and the pressure vessel should be designed with a special main shaft seal; as the body designed as a pressure vessel, all equipment surfaces in contact with materials should be guaranteed. All can be fully sterilized under a certain steam pressure.

(8) For the scraper centrifuge, the selection of the filter screen is very important. The double-layer lightweight industrial plastic filter screen prevents any fibers or tiny fragments from falling off. Its high temperature resistance and non-deformation characteristics are the prerequisites for high temperature sterilization. Removal of residual filter cake also needs to be considered to prevent mix-ups between batches.

(9) It should have the auxiliary detection function; the centrifuge is a high-speed rotating machine. Through the continuous detection of the vibration amplitude of the equipment, it can pre-alarm when the centrifuge produces harmful vibration, and make corresponding protection actions. In addition, there are oxygen detection devices and the like. Install inspection valves and noise reduction devices in product centrifuges.

(10) The isolation device is used to separate the process area of the pharmaceutical centrifuge for processing materials from the equipment including the transmission and hydraulic system.

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