Decanter Centrifuge for Extraction of Natural Pigments

How is the natural pigment extraction market? How to choose the model of the decanter centrifuge for natural pigment extraction? SAIDELI will answer for you. Pigments are mainly used in printing and dyeing and food processing industries. They are divided into two categories: natural pigments and synthetic pigments according to different sources. Pigments have a wide range of applications and are closely related to people's lives, so people don't stop exploring the research and development of efficient, bright and safe pigments.

1. The market prospect of natural pigment extraction decanter centrifuge to extract natural pigment

Natural pigments are mainly extracted directly from natural raw materials such as animal and plant tissues and microorganisms (cultures). Most plant pigments have no side effects and have high security. Plant pigments are mostly anthocyanins, carotenoids and flavonoids, which are a class of biologically active substances. Many of them are biologically active, some of which are functional active ingredients in botanical medicines and health food. This type of plant pigments can play a role in improving immunity, enhancing physical fitness and supporting health care. Some of them can play a role in enhancing nutrition and promoting absorption in ordinary food. They are used in the fields of food, medicine and cosmetics due to their superior performance.

Compared with synthetic colorants, the use of natural food colorants is safer for the human body, which is the key direction of research and development in the international dye market. The continuous emergence of new technical equipment, especially the application of decanter centrifuge machine in pigment production makes natural pigments have better quality and become safer. At present, the number of natural pigments approved by the state in the Chinese market has increased from twenty to nearly fifty. New products are constantly increasing. The demand base for natural pigments is large and many varieties are in demand. The market demand for natural pigments is very strong.

2. The extraction of natural pigments by decanter centrifuge is an effective supplement to synthetic dyes

Synthetic pigments, that is, artificially synthesized pigments, have the advantages of many shades, bright colors and strong coloring ability. Natural pigments are pigments extracted directly from natural raw materials. As a colorant, the color tone is relatively natural and it is similar to the natural color and luster. It is a natural beauty. Due to the use of natural pigments, some products have less artificial elements in appearance and are closer to the natural form, so they attract more consumers.

Due to the development of centrifuge separation technology and the technological progress of centrifuge separation equipment such as decanter centrifuges, the technical problem of separation of natural dyes has been solved. The technical bottleneck that previously restricted the production of natural dyes has been overcome, the cost has been reduced, the output has been increased and the product has been popularized. Today, in the EU colorant pigment market, natural pigments not only seize the market of synthetic pigments, but also seize the market of some pigment extracts.

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