Design of Several Main Components in Decanter Centrifuge

The separation effect of a decanter centrifuge is highly dependent on the screen type used. Presently, three types of centrifuge screen mesh are available: woven mesh, perforated plate mesh, and shear corrosion mesh. Although woven wire mesh is inexpensive, and its surface is not smooth. Although there is less material loss, the usage of common water flushing makes it simple to clog the network. If correctly built, it may also produce an excellent separation effect.

1. Design of the decanter centrifuge's major components

The perforated plate mesh is inexpensive, suited for batch manufacturing, and provides effective separation. However, the equipment for processing this mesh is complex to make, and the plate mesh has a limited lifespan. The mesh gap is restricted by the plate thickness, which must be less than 0.3 mm thick to meet the hole gap criteria. The shear corrosion net has a good separation effect, and the mesh gap is not limited by plate thickness. Plates with thicknesses ranging from 0.3 to 1 mm may be handled. The tool has a long life, but the cost of production is double that of perforated plate mesh, and the decanter cannot yet be recycled.

The decanter centrifuge sealing structure is critical. If the sealing section fails, it has a significant impact on the material product's quality. The gap of this sealing structure is normally along the centrifuge axial clearance of 2.5-3 mm, and its radial clearance of 10 mm, according to current usage of labyrinth structure. Another imitation labyrinth seal construction, with a radial clearance of about 6 mm, can prohibit air passage in the drum through the outer tributary with liquid mist when combined with crystals in the sealing mouth of their own accumulation. There are a variety of causes for decanter centrifuge vibration, all of which necessitate paying attention to the screen's tight fit with the drum, maintaining a certain degree of rigidity, eliminating operating imbalances, and taking sealing measures to ensure that the bearings are well lubricated, all of which are beneficial to improve operating conditions. The installation of the damper demands a high degree of accuracy to minimize vibration, and the bolts must be the same tightness. To prevent the rubber cushion from losing its flexibility owing to corrosive vapors, the outside ring of the rubber cushion is often covered by a metal sleeve.

2. Improvement of dewatering efficiency's decanter centrifuge and its adaptability

The problem of sludge dewatering centrifuge efficiency of the decanter centrifuge has been encountered during the process of using the decanter centrifuge. Specifically with the increase of solid phase materials in the drum, the decanter centrifuge dewatering time is prolonged, and the situation of not drying off. This is a rather regular occurrence. To address this issue, the first step should be to raise the speed of the decanter centrifuge drum, provided that it remains within safe and legal limits and that the material is non-corrosive or less corrosive. Second, the centrifuge's filtering area in the drum should be enlarged. To enhance water permeability, raise the lining mesh so that a tiny space remains between the filter bag and the centrifuge drum, and increase the cross-sectional area, such as by adding a V-shaped filter baffle.

To lower the amount of material dewatered and filtered in each centrifuge, small amounts of several dewatering processes might be utilized. If the substance is viscous, wash it as thoroughly as possible. Enhance the particle size of the solid phase material, and if the process stays the same but you want to increase the filtering rate, consider adding drop-in flocculants. The decanter centrifuge is one of the most versatile solid-liquid separation machines available. In the selection of equipment, depending on the specific situation of the material, the separation of decanter centrifuge and separation effect is determined by the dryness of solid particles in the suspension. Like salt, sugar, and other water-soluble items need to use flocculant after separation.The decanter centrifuge may be used for a variety of purposes, but we need first attempt to figure out which one is best for us.

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