Development Trend of Fully Automatic Centrifuge

Science and technology are the greatest productive forces, and the development of technology will continuously improve our social productivity. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, production enterprises are also constantly upgrading technology, which needs to reduce the labor intensity of workers. Only in this way can we adapt to the development needs of today's society! Therefore, industrial centrifuge machine manufacturers are also upgrading their technology to produce products that adapt to social development trends.

1. Environmental protection requirements for industrial centrifuge machines

It is now that environmental protection is the main theme, and environmental protection is the top priority. Therefore, the centrifuge first needs to be a centrifuge that meets the requirements of environmental protection. In order to meet the environmental protection requirements, the product was upgraded, and the original three-legged centrifuge was upgraded to a flat-plate centrifuge.

2. The development of intelligent industrial centrifuge machines

The current labor cost is very expensive, and most of the industrial centrifuges are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Basically, they are in contact with corrosive raw materials, which are highly irritating and dangerous. The contact process is harmful to human beings. The body will cause harm and affect the health of the body, so it is necessary to reduce manual contact and replace it with intelligent products, such as automatic centrifuges, which can realize automatic production without manual operation. The automatic scraper centrifuge has the above characteristics. It adopts the structure of flat plate and large flip type, which can realize automatic production, and the closed operation is adopted in the production process, which can be carried out automatically in the whole process. The whole process of feeding, washing, deliquoring, and unloading reduces the contact between materials and people, and is our main product now.

Flat automatic scraper centrifuge - can realize fully automatic operation, as long as the program is set, the whole process from the beginning of feeding to the final discharging can be completed, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of manual operation and greatly improves work efficiency ! The machine is controlled by a frequency converter, the separation factor is adjustable, and it adopts medium-speed feeding, high-speed separation, and low-speed unloading. After the machine starts to run to the feeding speed, the liquid material enters the drum from the feeding pipe on the cover, and the separation operation is carried out. The lower discharge hole is discharged. The scraper centrifuge adopts a multi-stage scraping method when scraping the scraper, with closed discharge at low speed, less grain damage, and the feeding port and washing port are controlled by hydraulic valves. Inverter programming control PLC control, automatic operation of feeding, primary filtration, fine filtration, unloading and so on.

To sum up, the flat centrifuge is the trend of social development, and it is a product that centrifuge manufacturers continue to adapt to current requirements! There are many advantages, but there are also some shortcomings, so in the future development, it is necessary to continuously improve and upgrade to make good products that better meet customer requirements.

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