Precautions for Operating the Pusher Centrifuge Machine

Although the pusher centrifuge machine has many advantages, there are still some problems when using it. In order to avoid these failures, we must pay more attention when operating. Do you know the relevant precautions for using the pusher centrifuge machine? If you'd like to know more about it, please read the following article, and we hope it will help you.

Ⅰ. Precautions for the operation of the pusher centrifuge machine

The pusher centrifuge machine is actually the same as some other equipment when it is used, and there are more or less things to pay attention to. Therefore, the operator needs to operate according to the conditions when using it. When using it, it is necessary to emphasize the viscosity of the mother liquor and the size of the solid particles in the material. The concentration of solids and the regularity of feeding will have a great impact on the output of the machine. The loss of fine particles during filtration also has a large impact on the moisture content and purity of the separated product. It is also important to note here that the washing of the pusher centrifuge machine is to obtain the highest possible purity. When washing is required, the configuration inside the centrifuge is equipped with a washing tube. But when it is put into use, it should be decided where it is better. If there is a change during work, then it is necessary to quickly adjust the washing position at this time. It is also important to note here that the discharge of solids should not be hindered, as too much solids in the drum can cause damage to the drum, especially if a collection tank is installed.

Ⅱ. Daily maintenance and repair of the pusher centrifuge machine

When the pusher centrifuge machine is in operation, in addition to these places that need everyone's attention, what users need to pay attention to is to ensure that the pusher centrifuge machine can work in a good state, all the drums and liquids that come into contact with the separated products. The box must be cleaned periodically. Moreover, it is also necessary to stipulate that the pusher centrifuge machine must be cleaned as soon as it is put into use. The time interval and the length of each time are determined by the operating conditions and the characteristics of the product. Generally, the cleaning time should be at least every 8 hours. If this interval is long, it may lead to an increase in the moisture content of the product, which will cause the rotor to be unbalanced and shorten its service life. This also increases the number of overhauls and downtime, which then causes the labyrinth seal to block and contaminate the oil as a result. In addition, if the feeding time of the equipment is relatively long, the filter cake in the rotor may harden. Once the feeding is continued, it is impossible to push the filter cake out, so the feeding should be stopped.

The content of the above article is that the pusher centrifuge manufacturer of SAIDELI explains some matters that you need to pay attention to when operating the pusher centrifuge. SAIDELI is a manufacturer specializing in the production of pusher centrifuge machine. We also welcome Chinese and foreign customers to visit our company and purchase satisfactory equipment for on-site testing.

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