Sadeli Pharmaceutical Industry Centrifuge Intelligent Development Road

From The Experience And Planning Of Saideli Pharmaceutical Industry Centrifuge Intelligent Development Road

Nowadays, when smart manufacturing is getting more and more attention, we might as well revisit the essence of smart manufacturing, that is, virtual network and physical production are infiltrated and merged with each other. By integrating the knowledge and experience of various professionals into manufacturing activities such as perception, decision-making, and execution, the ability of online learning and knowledge evolution in product manufacturing is given. Enables the efficient coordination of various enterprises and production units in the manufacturing system, which can greatly improve production efficiency while reducing the demand for traditional labor.

Returning to the intelligent manufacturing of centrifuges, we believe that this is not just a breakthrough and application of a single technology and equipment, but relying on design digitization, production intelligence, management modernization, service networking, equipment intelligence, etc. The deep integration and integration of manufacturing technology and information technology creates new added value.

In other words, the intelligent manufacturing of centrifuges is not a 1+1 relationship, but through the overall intelligent linkage, so as to form more high-quality intelligent products.

From the perspective of the intelligent development of Centrifuge's centrifuges, we, as a professional industrial centrifuge machine supplier,  have made some divisions, mainly including three aspects: one is the intelligent transformation of the product itself; the second is the intelligent customization based on customer needs; the third is the external technology Intelligent integration.

The first level is the intelligent transformation of the product itself. I believe this is also the main direction for many companies to upgrade their products. From the perspective of Saideli, we have done three things.

One is to improve the stability of the centrifuge. Stable performance is the prerequisite and basis for solid-liquid separation. For this reason, we continue to optimize and improve the centrifuge production line, focus on achieving full automation and digitalization of the production of centrifuge separator, and improve the processing and manufacturing accuracy of centrifuges. We have introduced high-end equipment such as five-axis machining centers and robot automatic welding from Germany and Japan, and at the same time cultivate the craftsmanship and operating skills of the employees, so as to strive for excellence. Provide customers with high-quality equipment to ensure the reliability and continuity of customers' intelligent assembly line production. We also acquired 300 acres of land in Taixing in 2017 and invested one billion yuan to build a Saideli intelligent production base.

The second is to improve the safety of the centrifuge. As a high-speed rotating machine, the centrifuge is likely to cause excessive vibration due to uneven cloth or damage to the filter cloth. At the same time, the centrifuge is also special equipment, in many occasions long-term operation in the chemical and pharmaceutical explosion-proof areas, there are a lot of flammable and explosive gases in the high-speed rotation. Aiming at flammable and explosive, we have effectively isolated the oxygen of the combustible by continuously filling nitrogen. At the same time, the oxygen concentration is detected online in real-time by the oxygen content detector, which effectively avoids the possibility of explosion.

For the centrifuge vibration, we have been equipped with vibration sensors, displacement sensors, and amplitude sensors to detect the vibration amplitude and shaking amplitude of the centrifuge online in real time. When the vibration of the centrifuge exceeds the normal range, it will be forced to stop.

In addition, our centrifuge is also equipped with door cover hydraulic clamping device, speed detection and position detection of each moving part, which effectively improves the safety of the centrifuge.

The third is intelligent selection and design. At present, the main methods for customer selection are empirical judgments on known materials, laboratory equipment tests on unknown materials, and centrifuge trials for customers. These methods are time-consuming, cumbersome to operate, and waste manpower and material resources.

The advent of the era of big data means that computer modeling, simulation technology and other large-scale applications, three-dimensional digital models and virtual digital prototypes are established through computer software, and simulation technology is applied in depth, thereby reducing physical experiments. In this regard, Saideli is building a material database. In the future, we will provide material parameters for customers, analyze and calculate them, run the process virtual, and conduct simulation tests to find the most suitable model.

With the development of intelligence, the manufacturing industry will inevitably shift from the existing batch and homogenization to the future personalized and customized needs; it is no longer a single centrifuge device, but to provide customers with intelligence Integrated technology for centrifuge chemical industry. Not only must the mechanical design meet the customer's material production requirements, but the control system must also be compatible with the customer's intelligent production.

Judging from the current product development model of Saideli, the main process is from drawings to physical processing, physical testing, debugging and improvement. Such a model has a long overall development cycle, high development cost, and difficulty in rebuilding after the equipment is formed, and cannot adapt to the development of the new era. To this end, we are working hard to change the traditional centrifuge development model and design concept, shorten the product development cycle, and through digital modeling and simulation experiments, we can find design defects in time, correct them in time, and achieve design perfection.

With the development of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, customers have higher and higher manufacturing requirements and performance requirements for centrifuges. It is difficult for traditional centrifuges to meet the customized needs of customers. For this reason, we are improving the separation performance of centrifuges and increasing Single machine processing capacity, seeking the best-operating conditions, designing various special structures, special control systems, and professional additional devices for customer materials, and realizing the integration of multiple separation effects on a single device.

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