Standard for Fully Automatic Centrifuges Used in Pharmaceutical Companies

As a common solid-liquid separation equipment, centrifuges are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Then for the centrifuges needed in the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for raw materials in the production process are very high. There are strict requirements for the environment, such as some sterile workshops, with good sealing performance, which can effectively isolate the inside and outside of the machine. In this way, the raw materials that need to be centrifuged will not pollute the environment of the workshop. In other aspects, the operator can also be free from contamination of the material. Therefore, the airtight requirements for centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industrys need to meet the standards.

1. The centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry should meet the standard drugs or intermediates for separation

The centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry has reasonable energy consumption, and will not generate new impurities and pollution during the pharmaceutical processing. Therefore, scraper-type automatic centrifuges are widely used in the modern pharmaceutical industry. For many years, in the process of development, pharmaceutical companies have carried out pilot reforms on standards, which has put forward higher requirements for the production technology level of centrifuge manufacturers.

The pharmaceutical centrifuge produced now are all smooth and flat on the surface of the equipment, with no dead ends in the welding seam, and the flat structure is easier to clean the surface. Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance properties. The joint machine pipes used in the centrifuge are all connected by flanges, and the installed stainless steel pipes are also polished mirror pipes to ensure the cleanliness of the pipes.

2. The centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry also adopts the drawer flange connection for the discharge port

The centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry is opened when in use, and is in a closed state when it is separated. In this way, the contact between the material and the air is avoided, and the pollution of the raw material is reduced. The nationwide implementation of quality control standards for drug production is to strictly control the drug production process and ensure drug quality. Therefore, in order to enter this market, companies producing pharmaceuticals must comply with the standards implemented by the importing country, and the production equipment also needs to meet the corresponding standards.

In order to meet the special requirements in the process of pharmaceutical production, the centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry should be well isolated to prevent the mixing of external materials and materials, and in some cases, the equipment also needs to have the functions of CIP and SIP. That is, equipment that can effectively clean raw materials without moving or dismantling. The weld joints of the centrifuge need to be polished smoothly, and there should be no obvious depressions on the material.

3. The selection of centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry filters is also very important

The double layer polypropylene screen prevents any fibers or micro debris from falling out. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which is the precondition for SIP high temperature sterilization.

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